1, 2, 3 It's Back to School for Me!

Back to School is upon us and it’s time for your little one to trade in their Red Sun Sans for their Red Natives and their Sand Toys for a new set of Pencils and Crayons!
 1, 2, 3 It’s Back to School for Me! The highlight of our back to school collection is our 1, 2, 3 pieces. All in a blue stripe base with red piping details and an embroidered one (in the shape of a ruler) two (with a sweet apple detail) and three (in the shape of a pencil). These pieces are adorable for not only the first day of school but any school day! For Girl, we added the 1, 2, 3 jumper that pairs perfectly with our better together blouse with red piping. And for both we offer either a bloomer or short set. The best part, where them as a set or you could use the bloomer or short paired with a basic peter pan collar shirt and get use any day of the week!
We love using primary color for the Back to School season! These bright colors bring such joy and excitement for the school year ahead. Our Tab Dress and Bloomer/Short Sets are a Lullaby Set staple and a perfect example of this. In Royal Blue with Red details, we encourage you to make these easy to wear pieces your own by adding a monogram to the Tab and/or collar! How sweet with a simple apple, school bus or crayon, or make it their own with initials or perhaps a school logo? The possibilities with these outfits are endless!
How perfect would these outfits also be for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend! Trade out the Red Ked's  for a pair of Red Sun Sans and you are ready to celebrate the last weekend of summer!
The Lullaby Set Collections are designed to be worn every day. We love how our pieces can be worn for specific occasions like Back to School or a Summer Holiday party but also are easy for any day of the week!
Made from the softest Cottons and knits, your little ones are sure to want to put it on every day! And we encourage you to mix and match! We love our Blessings Bloomer Set in this primary color plaid for those warmer days. But when it gets a little cooler, you could pair this blouse with a pair of red or navy leggings and a cardigan and you have yourself one sweet fall outfit!
We know that this school year you will be faced with many challenges, and those challenges will be different for everyone. We also know, that has parents, you just want the best for your children. It’s important to remember that although this year is different from the rest, you are still making memories. The first day of school, is still the First Day of School (even if you are going no farther than your living room). We encourage you to dress for the occasions, take lots of pictures and do what you can to smile and laugh along the way.
You can find our Back to School Collections today at a boutique near you and it will be on our own website in a few short weeks. Let us know if we can help you find something!
We wish all our Lullaby Set Little’s a Wonderful School year, full of Learning, Love and Laughter! We are praying for each and every one of you!

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