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As we approach Day .. well we're not sure .. of Quarantine, we wanted to share our experiences and what it means to us to 'Be The Helpers'.
It is so easy to feel helpless with what is going on right now. But for us, it really is important to remember that no matter what, we are in this together, and there are so many ways to help.
Here at Lullaby Set, our team happens to be spread out across Louisiana and New York, the two states that have quickly turned into the areas most effected thus far. We felt strongly about helping out our communities during this difficult time.
Kelli Stewart (owner and designer of Lullaby Set) has continued to donate food to local food banks. Although these organization have altered their policies, they are still focused on their ultimate goals of providing meals for those in need. They still rely on donations to keep things going and you could be a big help in that. This also proved to be a great way for her children to get involved as well and helps reinforce the value of helping others. 
We've also committed to donating meals to the hospitals one to two times a week both in Louisiana and New York. Many of us personally know someone in healthcare who is currently on the front lines. The emotional and physical toll can be daunting. By providing these meals to people working long shifts, we are able to show them that they are not alone. These gestures of support can go a long way. 
This is also achievable for you to do in your area as well. Most local restaurants surrounding major hospitals may already provide menus and pricing structures for just this. If your unsure, of where to begin, we suggest searching for a website where you can easily organize this. Meal Train is one such website in Louisiana. 
We would like to help out in your area as well. We've recently launched our 'Make A Difference' campaign on social media. Follow us on either Instagram (@lullabyset.childrens) or Facebook (@lullabyset) and nominate a local hospital and restaurant and we will donate $50.00. We will choose one winner a week for the next five weeks. 

There is also a major shortage of protective gear as supplies is quickly running out. If you are at all crafty, you can make the Face Masks yourself. We found a really easy pattern provided by Hobby Lobby and have been sewing away all weekend! Hobby Lobby - DIY Face Masks.

These are great to give out to local hospitals or even to keep for yourself and people in your community safe.


You can also help in ways that may seem small, but have a big impact. Reach out to your friends and family, by either a text or phone call. Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and make sure they are ok. Sometimes just a friendly hello can make the difference. (You can do this and still stay six feet apart!)

And most importantly, lift each other up in prayer. As a team we have always started our weekly meetings with a prayer for our boutiques and our customers. In light of the last few weeks, we have upped our weekly prayers to three times a week. 

This helps us connect, not only as a team, but as friends and a community. We pray for our boutiques, our customers, our friends, our families, our world, but most importantly you. As of this week, we are taking prayer requests and adding them to our weekly team prayers. Please look out for these request on our social media platforms or email us at 


'For I am the Lord who takes hold of your right hand and says to you; Do Not Fear, I Will Help You'  - Isiah 41:13

 It is with this scripture that we move forward into this week of Easter. We encourage everyone to be the helper, knowing that God is there to help us. 


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    Can we buy face mask for kids , from you ? Let me know … Thank you .

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