Home (School) Is Where The Heart Is

Welcome to the Stewart Family School!
As another week begins, many of you now have your children home for the foreseeable future. In addition to the title of 'Mom' or 'Dad' you are now also (gulp) 'Teacher'. This is the new reality for our owner Kelli and so we thought we would share some of the ways she has organized life for both herself and her children. 
Because Kelli has five children, the words 'routine' and 'schedule' are very important in the Stewart household. She worried that by not having structure, it would be a harder transition for them to go back to school when the time came. So Kelli, got to it and launched the 'Stewart Family School' located in her playroom!
First things first, the classroom. In her playroom, she pulled together all of their desks and even set up a folding table for a desk of her own. (This way, she can still get her work done as well.) It was important to her to have a separate space in the house for school, where the kids have to go to 'during school hours'. This helps greatly with their concentration and attention, and still makes home, feel like home.
Because her children generally wear school uniform, she thought it would be beneficial for them to get up, and get dressed into their 'uniform' for home school. Plus they are so sweet!
One of our main focuses as a team here a Lullaby Set is supporting small businesses. The monogrammed shirts were all purchased

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She then built out a daily schedule that mimics what they would normally do in school. Kelli also integrated the school work (provided by the school) with a daily prayer (using The Little Book of Prayers), a fun craft, music time and any other fun activities she could think of. 
Fun Tip: For children's crafts, keep an eye out on our social media feeds and stories. We will be posting about different activities all week!
Pinterest, Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Michael's are also wonderful tools for great ideas!
This week, the Stewart Family School is focused on the passage 'God Is My Helper'. We all need help. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big. This feels like one of those big times, so it's important to remember that God is there to guide, support and love you. 
'My help comes from the Lord. He made heaven and earth.'
- Psalm 121:2        

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