In The Garden

 As we all go through this time of what is now our new 'normal', it's important to remember that although apart, we are in this together.
We here at Lullaby Set are focused on finding the joy and counting our blessings, taking each day as it comes. Kelli Stewart, (owner of Lullaby Set and Set Athleisure) took to the garden this week!
Tending to her gardens and getting outside, is a way for Kelli to not only reconnect with nature and God, but also a time for her to make memories with her five children that are now home from school. 
This not only took up a few hours of the day, but also was a learning opportunity for her children. It holds so much value to teach about different plant life and flowers. It's also a great way to teach responsibility where you have to nurture and care for these flowers for them to grow and thrive.
Not to mention, the memories that both Kelli and her children will all cherish for a lifetime. We are reminded of the Scripture 'Bloom Where You Are Planted' (1 Corinthians 7:20-24)
We may be "planted" in our own spaces right now, but how lovely it is to have this opportunity make this time beautiful. 

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