Introducing Set Fashions

Introducing Set Fashions

Many of you know all about Lullaby Set and its 65-year legacy of style and contribution to children's wear. But we wanted to take the time to introduce you to the parent company of Lullaby Set and our other brands; Set Fashions.

Set Fashions is a multi-brand company that holds dear the values of faith, love, and the importance of family. Based out of Covington, Louisiana, our brands, Lullaby Set, Set Athleisure, and Tumbleset Toys, produce beautiful, well-made products with a greater purpose.

Kelli and Scott Stewart, proud owners of Set Fashions, purchased Lullaby Set back in 2015 and have grown that business into what it is today. Starting SET Athleisure in 2019 and Tumble Set Toys in 2020, lead way to the arrival of Set Fashions.

All three brands hold the same core values but target different markets within the children’s industry. Read a little bit more about our brands below.

For 65 years, Lullaby Set has shared a legacy of love and luxury with generations of children. Using many of the same styles since the beginning, Lullaby Set truly stands the test of time with classic and timeless children’s clothing. We are thrilled to continue sharing this legacy through dressing children in Lullaby Set, and sharing in these precious moments of life with them.

Since purchasing the brand in 2015, Kelli Stewart (the fourth owner of Lullaby Set) has been focused on keeping the brand authentic to its core values. Being a mother of five, she is keenly aware of how quickly childhood goes by for your little ones, and how important it is, as a parent, to create these loving and positive moments that will stay with your children for a lifetime. There is so much nostalgia in clothing, and by producing sweet, classic clothing styles, Kelli and her team are proud to be a part of the moments. Our hope is that Lullaby Set products will be passed down for generations to come, and continue this Legacy.

We are proud to celebrate our 65th year in business in June, 2021. We look forward to celebrating this time with our customers, new and old, who help us to continue building our legacy of style and spreading God’s Love.


Kelli Stewart established SET Athleisure in 2019 as a sister brand to Lullaby Set. As her triplet girls have gotten older, she saw a need for cute age-appropriate athleisure wear for girls. Whether it be for tennis practice or just hanging out with friends, SET Athleisure provides the perfect outfits for girls aged four to sixteen! The colors of the clothing are bright and happy, just like the girls wearing them.

I have SET The Lord always before me .. I shall not be moved

Psalm 16:8

The bible verse above is one that we hold closely to our hearts. As a company, we pray for the wearers of SET each week, and we hope this verse becomes one that they know and love as much as we do!

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Tumbleset Toys is the newest toy brand to enter the market in 2020 and brings to you ‘My Messengers’. 

My Messengers’; aimed for children up to 10 years old, help spread God’s message of love and kindness, through toys and books.

Elf Magic

The first release for Tumbleset Toys is Elf Magic, which is set to hit stores in October of 2020. These whimsical elves and their polar pals come directly from the north pole to help teach children the true meaning of Christmas. While the Elf Magic brand was started in 1990, it has grown into the brand it is today due to the the Elf traditions that one family began in the 1950’s. 

With a little help from an Elf, you can bring the story of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas into your home and your child’s heart this Holiday Season.

Coming in 2021:

‘For This Child I Have Prayed’

Our newest additions to Tumbleset Toys have all come from this concept that is near and dear to Kelli Stewart (owner of Tumbleset Toys, Lullaby Set and Set Athleisure). We know this to be true, that all Children are loved by God and deserve more than anything to feel that love and protection at all times. With these thoughts in our hearts, we are excited to announce that coming to stores in January 2021, ‘My Messengers’ expands to include our Guardian Angels and our Lion and the Lamb.

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