About Us

Lullaby Set has a 60+ year tradition of dressing children in beautiful, classic fashions. We are honored to have been able to dress generations. Nothing thrills us more than to see sons and daughters don their parents' Lullaby Set clothing - because we know those pieces are more than just clothing. They represent memories, moments, traditions and ultimately a legacy. 

The heart of Lullaby Set is to see a legacy of love continually passed down from generation to generation. Legacies are steeped in love, and our desire to carry that love - ultimately God's love - to each child who wears Lullaby Set clothing. This is the reason we hand stitch 'For this child I have prayed' into every Lullaby Set garment and keep that promise. 

See how we've continued to build the legacy, from 1956 to today.

1956: Lullaby Set Founded

Lullaby Set was founded in 1956 by Frances Barnes in her Arlington,Texas home. The designs consisted of the original Apron Dress and boy Apron Sets, which set the standard for timeless children's clothing and are at the core of the Lullaby Set brand today. She also designed the original daygowns and other items for newborns and babies.

1965: Lullaby Set Expands Beyond Baby

Approaching its ten year anniversary, France Barnes expanded the size range from baby up to size 4. Carrying on those sweet styles for toddlers.

1980: Lullaby Set

In 1980, long time employee Sandra Cook purchased Lullaby Set from Frances and expanded from the baby line and offered the same timeless clothing children up to 4T and eventually up to 6X. 

2008: Ava D Heirloom is Added

In 2008 the mother/daughter team of owners DonAnn Mayberry and Allison created the Ava D Heirloom line to be add to the Lullaby Set Collection.They continued the tradition of dressing children in timeless clothing for the best of occasions, up to size 10.

2015: Lullaby Set More Than A Legacy

In 2015, Kelli Stewart purchased Lullaby Set, continuing the legacy started in 1956 by concentrating on the patterns and designs from the 1950's and designing new classics that both children and parents love, up to size 10.