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Lullaby Set has a 60 year tradition of dressing children in beautiful, classic fashions. We are honored to have been able to dress generations of children. Nothing thrills us more than to see sons and daughters don their parents’ Lullaby Set outfits - because we know those pieces are more than outfits. They represent memories, moments, traditions and ultimately a legacy. The heart of Lullaby Set is to see a legacy of love continually passed down from generation to generation. Legacies are steeped in love, and our desire is to carry that love – ultimately God’s love – to each child who wears Lullaby Set clothing.


Our Story

Lullaby Set started out in the 1950’s as a small children’s clothing line – as sweet and gentle as a true lullaby. As a traditional baby line, its popularity and following slowly grew in the Deep South. Just as legacies aren’t built overnight, so is the story of Lullaby Set. Frances Barnes was a “progressive” business woman who owned several businesses including a retail shop of women and children’s fine clothing and accessories. She began carrying Lullaby Set and saw its great potential. So, she bought the line in 1973 and brought it to life over the next 15 years. She fine-tuned the designs, fabric, manufacturing and marketing. Sandra Cook worked with Frances on and off from the age of 14, helping in her boutique and ultimately taking on more duties with Lullaby Set. When Frances passed away, Sandra ran Lullaby Set through her estate for over a year, before she decided to make it her own. Sandra kept the tradition of Lullaby Set alive – choosing only the finest fabrics and traditional designs – “dressing children like children.” Sandra built a strong clientele of upscale children’s clothing boutiques across the country, making Lullaby Set widely available for young mothers. As the line grew, so did the duties of operating a thriving business. Nearing retirement, Sandra put Lullaby Set up for sale and in 2007, along came DonAnn Mayberry, a lover of fine children’s clothing. DonAnn grew up with the line, dressed her own children in Lullaby Set, and simply wanted to carry on the tradition. She and her daughter, Alyson owned and operated the line for eight years, developing a customer service tradition that is unparalleled in the industry. Lullaby Set is a trusted name for boutiques and mothers.


Lullaby Set Today

Hailing from the deep south of New Orleans, Louisiana, our current owner Kelli Stewart has always had an eye for beautiful southern children’s clothing. She discerns quality fashion with a quick glance. She is also a talented businesswoman who thrives on seeing businesses succeed – especially those who are “passionate with a purpose.” Kelli’s dream is to see Lullaby Set become even more passionate about leaving a legacy of God’s love through children’s clothing. At the heart of her vision for Lullaby Set are her triplet daughters, Maylin, Kinley and Grace. Dressing them in timeless fashion is not just a fun hobby, but simply a requirement!

As a businesswoman, Kelli is a trusted consultant for multiple start-up companies, had a commercial lending career, owned a successful food and beverage business, and is now very honored to carry the torch of the Lullaby Set tradition. She hopes to breathe fresh air into the classic fashions. She and her husband, Scott (also resident Lullaby Set engineer, handyman, best friend and spiritual anchor!), reside in Covington, Louisiana, with their triplet daughters.


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