Cross Palm Branch

How to Make a Cross out of a Palm Branch

A perfect Palm Sunday activity for both you and your kids. This step by step instruction we adapted from Check out there website for lots of fun activities for kids!
First, take the palm branch and located the center. Fold the palm branch on the diagonal to make a 90 degree angle. 
Then wrap the piece that is out to the right, all the way around the center, encircling the fold. 
Now, you want to slide the tail in through the back of the knot and then pull it all the way down until it 'locks' together. It should look like a 90 degree angle with a square knot in the middle. 
Then simply fold the long parts into the center knot to create the arms of the cross. First on one end and then the other. 
 And now, do the same thing for the top, pulling it down through the knot and leaving about an 1' or 2" to make the top of the cross. 
 You can either leave the cross rounded or flatten out for a more tradition look. 
We can't wait to see your Palm Branch Crosses, make sure to share them with on instagram and facebook! @setchildrens
Wishing you and your family all of the blessings that this Easter Season has to give.