Sample Grab Bag FAQ

Please read the following carefully. All grab bags are final sale. There will be no exceptions.

The Sample Sale will begin at 11pm ET on Thursday, November 25th.

Each Grab Bag could contain sample items from any season past or current. There are no future seasons included.

Yes. Samples could have minor defects including but not limited to: fabric flaws, missing buttons, small pen marks, fit is off, etc. There will be no returns or exchanges for these items. No exceptions.

No. All Grab Bags are final sale. No returns or exchanges. No exceptions.

Each Grab Bag will contain different items. If you order multiple packs of the same size, you could receive duplicate items but we will try our best not to. Inventory is limited and we cannot make any promises.

No. If you have multiple children or want multiple sizes, separate grab bags must be purchased.

No. Inventory is limited on samples and sizing and this cannot be guaranteed or promised. Each bag will be at random based on availability.

You can list preference but it is not guaranteed. All bags are mystery and will be picked at random based on available inventory. No returns or exchanges.

Grab Bags will be offered at $65 for 5 items. Boy and girl will be available.

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