Legacy Box Q & A

Is it a one time fee?

Yes you pay $325 for the year subscription! This includes 3 boxes throughout the year + extra happy's from collaborations with other companies!  

Can I do a sibling box?

Yes! Every box will get 3 - 5 pieces, so it not guaranteed they will get equal amount of pieces. We suggest getting them each their own box but we can definitely do a sibling box! In the note section at check out, just let us know the second child's info! 

If I have multiple children and want to buy a box for each child - will the pieces be sister/brother matching?

 When you purchase the boxes please make a note at checkout that you are interested in matches. The pieces in each box will be hand picked at random by our amazing team depending on what sizes are chosen. We will try our best to have a match but it is not guaranteed. The best part about LS is the line is very cohesive and our collections allow us to coordinate outfits even if they aren’t a perfect match. 

Do we get any say in style preference or change in size?

We will email you before every box is shipped asking for any size, address and style preference updates!! These are surprise boxes so the style preferences are not guaranteed but definitely taken into consideration as we want you to LOVE your box! Style preference examples (bubbles, short sets, dresses, colors, etc.).

What comes in the box?

 There will be 3-5 pieces in each box! This could include current season items, or out of the vault timeless classic items from past seasons! Lullaby Set’s classic pieces never go out of style!! Please note all pieces will reflect the current you are in, summer, fall etc.
LAGNIAPPE: Each box also includes a little extra happy. This could be a physical item, coupons, or more for the kids or the parents!
  • Examples: We have worked with wee ones and elf magic elves

 If I am a current Legacy Box holder how do I know when I need to renew?

If you are a current Legacy Box holder we will email you after your final box is shipping asking if you'd like to renew your subscription! this will avoid no box overlaps!

If I have already purchased some items in the current LS collection, can I be sure to not get an item I already have?

When you purchase the Legacy Box, please make a note at checkout which item - in detail - and what size you already own. We will try our very best to not overlap an item already in your closet!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to help you!