Lullaby Set Paperdolls

A fun spring activity is just a click away for children of all ages! 

Click on the image above to print our adorable Lullaby Set Girl and Boy paper dolls as well as the clothing template. We recommend printing on card stock or any thicker paper, as they will be easier to fold and stay in place when playing. Print as many outfits as you would like (after all Boy and Girl Dolly like to wear different outfits throughout the day!). 
  1. First things first, lets give your Paper Doll a name.
  2. Before cutting out, decorate all of your outfits using crayons, colored pencils or markers. You can even get more creative and use glitter, pompoms, ribbons and stickers!
  3. Once you're done decorating, carefully cut out Paper Dolly (we recommend an adult to do this). Next, carefully cut out your outfits (Make sure not to cut the tabs off).
  4. Then simply fold down the tabs around your dolly to get them dressed.
Now its time to play and share!  We would love to see how you decorate your outfits for spring.  Please share with us by one of the fun ways below, so we can share your beautiful designs.

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